The Day AFTER CHIRISHFMAS. (Christmas), yeah, here.
I'm in guess....GUESS!! Yeah, you got it. TENNESSEE!! WOOOO! Christmas was nice. i got presents. which is always good. right? right??????!!!!? yes. Ok, so to all you Jews out there: HAPPY HANUKAH!! goodnight.
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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...*SWEATER ANYONE?*


Sitting here.. in my room. My mom just left for Washington D.C. and she'll be gone for 2 days. Greeeeat. Here's the conversation I had with her just before she left: (I was laying on the couch sleeping and my dad comes over, rips the blanket off me and goes "Say goodbye to your mother" So I say: "ok" My mom comes over, sits on me, and says:)

Mom: "It's very warm in this spot"

Me: "Yes, mom. I AM laying here. Bye mommy. Wait, can I pack really quick right now and go with you? Please?"

Mom: "Next time. You have school this time." (May I remind you that's what she ALWAYS says)

Me: "PLEASE?! I REALLY wanna go!"

Mom: (raised-eyebrow expression)

Me: "Alright, bye" (kiss)

Dad: "Ok, go unload the dishwasher" (UGH!!)

Well, so you can see, I've had the most excellent day so far.

Alright, yesterday:

I went to the Pythons (our high school football team) and the Falcons (bow's high school football team) Championship Game. It was so cold. I ate some nice soggy nachos that had cold cheese on them that I got from the high-maintenence concession stand. It was dumb, my toes were just about to break off from the cold, and the sun was right in my eyes the whole time. QUITE miserable. So, after that, I go home bringing Ami (my friend) with me. I got my stuff for church the next day and headed off to her house. WOOP! We played LIFE with her little 6 year old brother ( I WON) and then ate some nice spaghetti. GOoOd times. I guess. Then, we went on over to her neighbor's house to babysit. We got over there, and we find that one of the kids that we're babysitting has gotten his little 10-year-old finger stuck in a plastic tube. After about a half an our cutting and peeling away at the the plastic, his finger was finally out and he ran upstairs to trade Yu-Gi-Oh cards with his friend. Ami and I ate pie, candy and anything else that we could find, watched Bruce Almighty and some more TV, and just lounged around. I played with the dog, Hunter, whom I kept calling Howard. NO idea why. After 5 hours of LABOROUS work , the mother and her friend got home from their night on the town and Ami and I made our way home half-asleep. When we got home, it was about 12:45. We figured we'd go to bed since we were sooo incredibly tired. SCRATCH that idea. Turns out we stayed up until 2 talking about and to EJ. EJ and I text-messaged for about an hour. Then, we slept. During the night, I had a dream. The dream was strange like all my other dreams. It was about EJ and I selling small stuffed-animals. Then, I had to kiss him because he had a suede rainbow jacket on but when I went to kiss him, he had no head and I said to him: "Well, looks like you have no head. Tomorrow, when you do have one, I'll kiss you." And from God-Knows-Where, he says: Alright, can't wait. Then I either woke up, or I can't remember the rest. I'd like to know what that dream means... Maybe it means that EJ has no intelligence or he does and doesn't want to show it (? the no head thing ?) and I don't want to love him (or kiss him). Well, in the morning, this morning, I woke up to a little kitten pawing at my face. Not the most pleasant thing to wake up to, but I managed. Then, Ami and I had waffles, took showers, got dressed, and went to church. Church was boring, and I fell asleep on my mother's shoulder. Then, it was the 6th grade bake sale in the Gathering Room after the church service. I had 2 brownies that were, might I add, awesome brownies. Then, I had Confirmation Class where I realized a kid, Pieter, in the class, is quite attractive. I was mostly asleep the whole class. Then, I woke up, and left. Then, fell asleep on the couch for a while leading to the goodbyes to my mom which leads to now. Me, typing uncontrollably with so much homework swirling around in my thoughts but I'm too much of a procrastinator to do any of'll get done...eventually.

Well, nice talking to you. Cya. Byebye.

<3 Heidi
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Hey, what's wrong with my brain? HELLO? YOU THERE?

My little mood icon's name is Dorcas. Don't make fun of her.

Seb lives in my computer which is pretty neat. He's going to write down now what he feels like writing:

>>Why hello kids. This girl Heidi stole me and put me in her computer. I'm now stuck in a sad puppy dog face on her desktop. It kinda sucks. I wish that she would either let me the hell out or give me a more attractive face. I also wish she would stop writing SEB next to my face in al of pictures. I can't sleep with the word floating around my head all the time. It talks in its sleep. Please help me get out. CALL ME @ 1-800-HELPSEB>>

If any of you call that I will come to your house and run you over with a tractor. OK? He's not too fond of me, I guess.

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Why would I die in a horror movie?
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I bet that would KINDEST PERSON AWARD! yeah right...
A Film About You
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Angelina Jolie doesn't even look like me....

Today is made out of happy.

Last night @ like, 1:00AM, 3:00AM, and 5:00AM I received all of the text messages in which I should have received about 8 hours b4. nice, huh? most of them were from EJ, and one from Emylee which said: You Smell.
nice, huh? I love it.

I couldn't sleep in today cuz I had to go to church. WOOP! Well, I found out that my ex-bf has a currently shaved head. Quite scary, really. The pastor started talking about some boring stuff and then Cheryl Andrews read a really cool thing about her and her friends and the church. It was really good. Then, I got so incredibly bored of church and I really could have fallen asleep. So, my friend Ami(not to be mistaken for my sister, Ami) and I went to her mother's Sunday School Class which was pretty fun. 2nd and 3rd grade kids can get on people's nerves. Especially mine. They always need help with cutting with scissors. I promise they are awesome. There was this one kid...he was sad cuz he didn't get any papers. Ami and I had to copy some papers and this lady was like: DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING? like...we're retarded or something...sheesh. Then, when church was over, I had to go to confirmation class..WOOP! Then, my mom and I went shopping and I got an outfit in which I will wear tomorrow. So, my day wasn't bad. I'll cya'll. buh bye.

<3 The Heidinator
P.S. EJ IS CUTE! lol..
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woo...another fun day @ the mall!

Well, today was SO FREAKING FANTASTIC! ok, I lied. Except for the whole text-messaging EJ and being able to hang out w/ Emylee and Ami, it was crap.

It kinda started when Mary and Jess kept giving Emylee and I dirty looks...then, they started doing their own little thing. They went on to CVS when I asked them to stay and wait for us for Ami to finish trying on her dress, then, Jess yelled @ Emylee for having a good time and laughing. Mary didn't laugh or smile the whole time we were there...aaah! Then when we were in some store...they went somewhere and Emylee and I couldn't find them...AWESOME, HUH?! Then, Jess was yelling at us, and so was Mary. Then Mary called her dad but I guess she didn't leave. W/E!! I'm so pissed, but I'd like it work it all out.

Well, on the bright side, I ate Ben and Jerry's icecream when I got home. Plus, I got to be mad with Emylee who is, in fact, an awesome friend. JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT! EMYLEE IS AN AWESOME FRIEND!
and I'm being serious. No laughing here, yo.

Well, EJ is cute, and my name is Heidi. BUH BYE!

<3 The Heidinator
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I am a Goddess. OK, I lied.

While waiting for my pizza to cook and listening to Emylee nag me about updating, i'll update to make her v. v. happy. K?!?! good. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!

i feil leik speeling everthing wroung. Yao sould sea gif your ken figgir ot goat.

ok, enough of that. if you can read that. write it down in the comments area. if not, ur retarded. give urself a blue ribbon and a pat on the back. Yesterday i was cool so i bought myself some neat-o clothes. me and emylee talked on the phone this morning @ 11 cuz emylee wanted to show me how gretchen wilson raps. she's neat. I PROMISE SHE IS!!

i feel like making a list of my fave guy names:

  • Thompson
  • Clint
  • Brent
  • Brett
  • Clayton
  • Ezekial (don't make fun, yo) Zeke is a neat-o nickname!
  • Gideon (ok, so i like bible names..gimme a break)
  • Elijah

i think i memorized the whole school of rock movie. i've watched it 5 times this weekend. shoot me now. please??? NOW?! PLEASE?! i can't wait till tomorrow to go to school. I MISS MRS. EVANS! SHE'S THE BEST ENGLISH TEACHER IN THE WORLD, I TELL YOU! ok, i lied again. i need to quit that.

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If you were on South Park, what would you look like and who would your friends be? (for girls) by vexedfusion
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The Gay Teachercompletefraud
Kyle's Bitchy Momcitrus_sherbert
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sexy, eh?
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Wanna Cookie?

Didn't think so. CUZ THEY'RE ALL MINE!! OK!?!?

ok, today? not too good considering i felt like crap still from my good ol' spider bite. A few days ago, I got a fever and i hadda go to the hospital which isn't to friendly. the doctor stuck novacaine in my knee 9 times and i was crying the whole time then he cut my knee open (oh yeah, that's where i got bit, my case u hadn't figured that out already) then the stupid doctor squeezed the thing as hard as he could and the fang came out and a buncha pus and crap came out..EWWW! SO GROSS! CRY! CRY HARDER! well, after that, i think i ate pie. which made me happy. i was delirious the whole day...not too fun. and now, a few days after that...I'M STILL FRIGGEN SICK!! AAAH!! NOT COOL! today, i was like, overly excited to see emylee cuz i hadn't seen her in like, a year. or more like 4 days...but still. same thing. alright, in english i felt like shooting mrs. evans. ugh. she's so weird. SHE TALKS IN THE WORST ENGLISH ACCENT I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!!! BEAST-IE BEAST-IE! lol...sorry. she's weird tho. so stay away from her. let's all beat her up! ready? me neither..maybe some other day. alright, well....HOMEWORK TIME! WOO!

<3 Heidi

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